Stegosaurus: The Stegosaurus (roofed lizard) was a back-plated behemoth of the late Jurassic, it’s plates acted like armor and could reach up to 7 feet high!  With that armor all it needed was a weapon…Oh Wait!  It had one, tail spikes up to 3 feet long, if a Theropod attacked and killed Stegosaurus, it had definitely earned its meal and would have probably come out with some radical battle scars.  Stegosaurus was about 30 feet long and fed on leaves, ferns and sometimes low hanging trees.

Triceratops:  Another common herbivore was the bull of the Dinosaurs, Triceratops.  This massive frilled Ornithischian was over 30 feet long and 15 feet at the shoulders. I’s scientific name was Three Horned Face, we assume it used those for fighting for dominance or for mating.  Triceratops fed off of vegetation, much like our modern day Rhino, in fact, we think it lived much of it’s life like Rhinos, sparing for mates, eating plants, and lumbering around it’s habitat.  Triceratops had a large frill to protect itself from attackers, it’s horns were used for defense and counter attacks.