Tyrannosaurus Rex:  The Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T-Rex) was the Godzilla of the late cretaceous period.  Although it was over 20 feet tall, its arms were no bigger than ours, even with those tiny little arms, Tyrannosaurus rex could lift over 450 kilograms!  Not only would you lose in an arm wressling match, but it would tear your arm clean off! The Tyrannosaurus had the strongest bite force of any creature known to Man Kind.  But the Tyrannosaurus had many flaws, tiny arms, brain smaller than a peanut, 25 MPH top speed, but each one of those flaws came from one of its ancestors.  Cryolophosaurus, Despletesaurus and Megolosaurus.

Velociraptor: Let’s get on thing straight, although it may have been a CGI marvel in the movie Jurassic Park, Velociraptor was not six feet tall, it was a two foot tall feathered beast living in Mongolia in the late Cretaceous.  Velociraptor had two long, curved, hook like claws that it used to latch itself onto it’s prey until the rest of the pack came to finish it off.  Velociraptor meant speedy thief, it earned the name since their have been many skeletons of Velociraptors with Proto Ceratops eggs, in fact, their was one skP vs Veleton where a Velociraptor had jumped ontop of a Proto Ceratops but the Ceratopsian had bit onto it’s forearm and they were both covered by what seems to be a landslide, their skeletons remained like that and are now at the Mongolian Academy of Science.